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Augusta Re-Roofing Experts for your Roof Makeover

28 Mar, 2016 // Posted by : cbroofing // Category : blog

Roofing problems cannot be ignored. You may decide to re-reroof your house because the roof needs repairs. Re-roofing is necessary when your home requires a facelift. The new roof can transform the exterior look of your house and a re-roof will add more value to your house in the real estate market.

Also, remember the structural damage on your roof is a big safety hazard and that quite often, roof damage may occur under what appears like a perfectly good roof.

If you live in Augusta re-roofing experts can help you make an informed decision on the type of roof restoration needed for your house. You may also want to know what the re-roofing technicians do during the roof renovation process.

Checking Your Roof before Restoration

A roof restoration expert will begin by checking the roof for structural weaknesses. The re-roofing technician would also discuss the aesthetic and functional reasons for the roof renovation. For instance, when you have a house in Augusta re-roofing contractors will inspect the roof for water leakages that could damage the living space and household items.

The other things you could discuss with the roof renovation contractor include replacing the broken roof tiles, removing the old shingles and fixing modern tiles. Sometimes, the homeowner could just want to improve the roof ventilation or insulation.

What is a Roof Inspection?

Once the homeowners explain their roof makeover preferences, the Augusta re-roofing specialist will do the following checks:

• Check the gutters, flashings, and downpipes
• Look for cracked tiles, displaced tiles, or debris on the roof
• Inspect the old cement mortar for signs of bedding
• Check the installation of sarking
• Inspect the wood, vents, boots, and fireplace caps

Then the roofing contractor will tell you if you need laying a new roofing over the existing roof or tear off the old roof and install an entirely new cover.

The Re-Roofing Professional at Work

Once inspection of the old roof is over. The Augusta roof restoration contractor can now embark on designing the replacement roof system.

What follows is a professional roof renovation process that includes:

• Installation of a safety rail around the roof to keep your family safe
• The removal old tiles as well as ridges
• Fixing the sarking so as to provide radian heat
• Installation of new battens to facilitate the laying of new tiles
• Removing the old and broken tiles and fixing the new ones in a manner sequential to the gutter
• Fixing the clips or nails so that the tiles do not shift in the future
• Laying and bedding of the ridge tiles using mortar
• Spreading the pointing, the tile fastener, or the material that covers the mortar
• Applying the color finish to make your roof beautiful