New corrugated metallic gray roof of new house

Precautions for Metal Roofing

13 Oct, 2016 // Posted by : cbroofing // Category : blog

If you have a problem in Aiken or in North Augusta, we can inspect for damage and can quickly repair your roof. You should use precautions because the metal panels can be like the pretty icing on a hollow chocolate cake. The panels will not usually sag if there is a hollow spot in a roof. Regular inspections can be used to detect problems such as from water damage. Rain water and the water from melted snow can seep into crevices under the panels and then begin the slow process for rotting the wood in a roof.

Metal Roofing

There are several advantages for building owners who decide to install metal roofing. The panels are very durable and have a smooth appearance. There will less surface damage to a metal panel than to a roof shingle when the forces from the harsh winds from a rainstorm are pounding on a roof. The metal surface can withstand larger forces, such as from an electric sander, than the materials that are used to make roof shingles. A disadvantage of the sturdiness of the metal panels is that problems can be concealed on a roof.

Hidden Problems

Some of the usual hidden problems are termite damage and damage from an excessive amount of weight. The most common hidden problem is water damage. A visual inspection can be used to find sagging boards. The odor from mildew will be stronger during a rainstorm because the rain water will flow through the damaged section in the roof and will form a new water puddle in the hidden crevices. If the roof is wet, then there is probably a water leak in the metal panels.

Water Damage

The problems from water damage can include soft sections in a roof, sagging ceilings and warped wooden paneling on walls. The damaged sections of wood must be replaced, which could require several labor hours. The metal roofing must be removed to expose the damaged sections on a roof. A roofing contractor may or may not agree to repair the damage to the interior of a building, such as the damage to ceilings, walls or floors, because some contractors only offer a limited range of services.


Regular inspections are very important for controlling a problem and for controlling the future costs for repairs. We can inspect for water damage and can suggest improvements for controlling that problem. The most obvious sign that there is some kind of water damage is the odor from mildew. A person who has an allergic reaction from mildew can be severely affected by a water leak in metal roofing. Our customers in Aiken and in North Augusta can conveniently contact us for an inspection.