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Since 1988, Diversified Roofing has been a leading commercial roofing specialist in Arizona and Texas. Our commercial divisions in Houston and the greater Phoenix area provide efficient and quality installation of all commercial roofing systems on new roofs, re-roof applications and repair or replacement solutions. Whether you’re in need of repairs large or small, or the complete construction of a new roof, we will design a cost effective and energy efficient system specific to your unique needs.

DRC’s Commercial Roofing Specialties & Materials Include:

Diversified Roofing has partnered with manufacturers committed to innovation in design, product development, lasting quality and performance. These partnerships ensure a wide selection of tile, shingles, metal, foam coating and flat roofing products for commercial and industrial projects. We understand that you are buying more than just a roof from us, you’re trusting us to provide the pinnacle of protection for your greatest assets, knowing we will be there to service or repair your roof when you need it.

Our commercial division is also committed to safety and ensures every employee is specifically trained on the safest methods for repairs and new construction of all roof types including flat, tile, foam coatings and shingles. We perform routine reviews on replacement and repair projects, as well as ongoing training and certification for each of our employees. Our national buying power protects budgets, while frequent safety and product certifications ensure our roofs are always up to code.

Our roofers have thorough training on all roof types for optimum performance and maintenance in multiple states and climates. Diversified Roofing’s commercial systems are more durable and energy-efficient than ever with options for spray foam coating roofing systems, insulation board products in Arizona and Texas and surrounding states.

Many commercial buildings have flat and uneven roofs, creating a problem when it comes to water runoff in areas where heavy rains are frequent and/or continuous. For these types of projects, foam spray is incredibly durable and surprisingly lightweight, which is important because flat roofs have a lower weight load than pitched, making foam spray systems ideal and low maintenance. In low-slope and uneven roof situations, the lightweight foam continues to perform. If your commercial building suffers from uneven spots, our roofing specialists can spray on the roofing in an extra layer to build it up, even it out, make a slope and meet any other specifications required for a superior outcome.

Foam roofing involves mixing of two liquids that Diversified Roofing experts spray onto a base surface. This expands and dries to become a rigid, strong, lightweight surface. Then, a protective coating is applied on top, sometimes with sand and other aesthetic components. The combination results in an exceptional, low maintenance roof solution for nearly every commercial situation, including heavy winds, rain, severe humidity and heat. Spray foam roofs on flat or sloped rooftops generally don’t leak immediately if they are dented or slightly damaged, giving you time to call your Diversified Roofing specialist for a quick maintenance visit at your convenience.

When properly cared for, commercial spray foam roof systems from Diversified Roofing can last for more than 50 years with minimal maintenance—allowing you to focus on your business, not the roof over your head. You will also notice savings on utilities with a new commercial spray foam roof or spray coating system. In Texas, Arizona and other hot climates, foam roofs pay for themselves with outstanding insulation qualities. If you are looking to trim down your air conditioning or heating costs, a foam roof is a great option.

We hope you’ll call Diversified Roofing today to discuss your building’s commercial roofing needs. We’re experienced roofing specialists dedicated to earning your business by delivering the longest-lasting, highest quality roofing solutions available and exceptional customer service. For all your commercial and industrial roofing needs, we’re here to help!

Frequently Asked Questions

Permitting is project and location-specific. This is a great topic for consideration when we review and discuss your project. We’ll help you determine if you need a permit or not.

It’s easy. Simply fill out our Diversified Roofing Re-Roofing Estimate form at our website with your details and a brief description of your roofing needs. We will contact you to schedule a visit with our certified roofing professional. This is an essential step to the process so we can give you a detailed estimate of the cost and projected dates for the re-roofing project. You can also call us to discuss your roofing needs or email us at [email protected].

Call us:    Houston: 713-434-7663

Phoenix: 602-870-8322

There are several types of roof systems to consider. For commercial roofing, we are well-versed in all types of roof systems. Here are some of the most popular roof systems depending on the application:

  • Concrete or clay tiles
  • Metal
  • Shingles
  • Single Ply TPO or PVC

TPO or thermoplastic polyolefin is the one of the most installed commercial roofs.  Asphalt shingles are the most commonly used residential roofing material. Learn more about TPO roofing at our blog post: Different Types of Commercial Roofing.

Generally, yes. We work on many low slope commercial roofs, but we also handle high slope residential roofs as well. Our core value is safety and we pride ourselves on working safely at each job site.

No, there is no minimum roof area for commercial projects. Schedule a complimentary re-roofing estimate to see how we can help with your roofing needs.

A “flat roof” is actually a low slope roof, and to adhere to International Building Code Standards, it can be no less than ¼ inch vertical slope to 12 inches of horizontal slope.

Yes. We have a growing footprint through a national sales initiative and have also done business in Alabama, California, Colorado (Denver), Louisiana, Mississippi, Nevada, New Mexico, Oklahoma, and Utah.

We work in and have licenses as required to work in the following states: Alabama, Arizona, California, Colorado (Denver), Louisiana, Mississippi, Nevada, New Mexico, Oklahoma, Texas, and Utah.

Many of our projects outside of Arizona and Texas are commercially based. Please contact us if you reside in one of these states and have a commercial job you would like us to consider.

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